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The CACF is an anti-corruption certification that intends to assist participating institutions, universities, and professionals that wish to fight corruption wisely. CACF is often utilized to increase anti-corruption intelligence by middle and higher management professionals. The higher the degree of anti-corruption knowledge and abilities of the person, the higher the quality of his judgments. A CACF applicant must prepare thoroughly to sit for and pass the CACF test.

The CACF is an anti-corruption certification that aims to help participating colleges and universities support their students to engage intelligently in the fight against corruption. Students and decision makers shall attend an intensive one-day CACF review course and exam.

The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) has expanded the scope of the Certified Anti-Corruption Fellow (CACF) certification program to professionals from August 1, 2022. A professional who chooses not to become a Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM), a more advanced anti-corruption certification program, will be able to obtain a CACF certification, which is less expensive, takes less time, and covers fewer topics. It is also a one-day anti-corruption certification program.

The CACF Target Audience

CACF- for Universities

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CACF - for Professionals

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CACF Application and Administration

U.S. residents should apply via The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI). Click here to REGISTER TODAY.

Non-U.S. residents should apply via Effective Knowledge Against Corruption (EKAC). Click here to REGISTER TODAY.

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