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The Certified Anti-Corruption Fellow (CACF) ® Management Credential

University, Student, and Faculty

You have reached the CACF information page for students and faculty of universities participating in the CACF program with The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI). Suppose you are a student or a member of the faculty of a nonparticipating university who wants to become a CACF. In that case, you may apply as a professional subject to meet the CACF eligibility requirements.

Updated: January 30, 2023


The CACF is an anti-corruption certification that aims to help participating colleges and universities support their students to engage intelligently in the fight against corruption. Students shall attend six hours in-person or via Zoom sessions in two classes: three hours each.

The CACF exam is proctored and designed to test online the anti-corruption intelligence (ACI) of CACF candidates. ACI means “the minimum optimum knowledge a university student or decision maker should have to avoid fraud and corruption intelligently.” Such knowledge includes the proper blend of principles of fighting corruption, internal control, anti-fraud, governance, decision-making, and relevant international legal perspectives. The CACF emphasizes the concept of deterrence and prevention.

CACF Syllabus

Parameters of the Intensive One-Day CACF Review Course and Exam:

Certified Anti-Corruption Fellow (CACF): In One Day - 2023 from The AACI on Vimeo.

1- Duration: 30 days.

CACF student candidates have 30 days to prepare for the CACF exam. During the course, they can contact The AACI’s experts to answer their questions.

2- Intensive One-Day CACF Review Course and Exam

The AACI’s experts conduct two live CACF review sessions in-person or via Zoom, three hours each. 

They provide an overview of the CACF review textbook and address the students’ queries.

(a) It is an expert-led review course that aims to enable CACF candidates to pass the exam. 

(b) The AACI approves the expert who delivers the review course. The expert shall be a Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM). 

(c) The latest edition of the CACF Review textbook is the only approved textbook to use in class. 

3- Number of Students Per Class

Min. 50 and Max. 100 per class. Classes are conducted in-person or via Zoom.

CACF Exam Dates and Enrollment

The exam dates are set in collaboration with participating colleges, universities, and authorized third parties. 
A CACF candidate shall register for the CACF via a participating college, university, or an authorized third party:

  1. A CACF candidate shall obtain a registration code from a participating college, university, or an authorized third party. 
  2. The registration code is the password to register for the CACF on the Exam Unit’s portal. 
  3. Upon registration, you can download the current edition of the CACF Review textbook and start the practice session of the CACF exam.
  4. The participating college, university, or an authorized third party shall organize the exam registration and logistics and proctor the CACF online exam.


If the test center staff has questions about the identification presented, you may be asked for additional proof of identity. You may be refused access to an examination and forfeit the examination fee for that session if the staff believes that you have not proven your identity. Admittance to the test center and examination does not imply that your identification is valid or that your scores will be reported if subsequent investigations reveal impersonation or forgery. 

Eligibility Requirements

The Certified Anti-Corruption Fellow (CACF) student candidate shall meet all the CACF eligibility requirements. A CACF shall:

  1. Completion of at least 90 (Ninety) semester credit hours of an academic degree at an accredited college or university, and 
  2. Attendance of a one-day CACF Review Course and Exam organized by a participating college or university, and 
  3. Pass the Certified Anti-Corruption Fellow (CACF) proctored online exam, and
  4. Abide by The AACI code of ethics

Parameters of the CACF Exam

  1. It is a closed book and a proctored online exam.    
  2. The entire exam consists of 50 (Fifty) multiple choice and true/false questions.    
  3. It is limited to 65 (Sixty Five) minutes. Once you start the exam, it will stop automatically after 65 minutes.    
  4. You cannot pause and resume later.    
  5. You must attempt each question to move forward. However, you will not be able to go backward.    
  6. You can take the exam twice: the first is on the 30th day of the course; and the second time before December 31 of the year you attended the review course. Should you pass the exam, you will not be eligible to sit for it one more time.
  7. The passing score on the exam is 75% or 38 questions out of 50.
  8. When you pass the exam, you may download the CACF certificate.

CACF Review Course and Exam Fee

Each participating college and university discloses the fee to its students. 

Each CACF candidate shall receive:

  1. CACF Review textbook (PDF format). It is unprintable with all intellectual property rights reserved to The AACI.
  2. Six Hours Online Live Sessions
  3. One session of 15 practice questions
  4. One second chance to sit for the exam in case one fails in the first exam session.
  5. CACF certificate when you pass the exam (PDF format)

For further information, contact us.

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