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Applicant's Attestation

Student Membership

I hereby apply for student membership at The American Anti-Corruption Institute (The AACI). I understand that the membership will be based on the information provided in my online application at the date of submission and that I may be asked to provide additional information to support my education, professional certification (if any), and experience (if any). 

I have never been convicted of a felony. I attest the information provided is true and accurate. I understand and agree this information may be audited by The AACI's Certification and Membership Committee to ensure its accuracy, and that failing to provide accurate information may result in the loss of membership. 

I agree to abide by the decision of The AACI's Certification and Membership Committee as to the disposition of my student membership online application.  

If admitted as a student member, I agree to be governed by and to comply with the Code of Ethics of the Institute. I understand that I must renew my membership annually and be a member in a good standing in order to retain my student membership. I understand that the student membership awarded will be revoked for failure to renew my membership and that I cannot hold myself out as a student member if I am not an active member in a good standing.

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