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Principles and Standards

The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) promulgated the Ten Principles of Fighting Corruption, accompanied by its Standards on Fighting Corruption (SFC), to form an internationally accepted framework to fight corruption effectively, efficiently, and intelligently. They help stakeholders to:

    • Promote consistent practice and behavior and facilitate effective responses to identified corruption risks.
    • Help management and other stakeholders to assess and evaluate the entity's commitment to fighting fraud and corruption, and 
    • Support international efforts in lowering corruption risks to acceptable low levels. 

The principles serve as a roadmap for individuals, organizations, and governments looking to combat corruption in all its forms. They emphasize the need for stakeholders' collaboration and partnerships to achieve a common goal. These principles will be vital in guiding efforts to fight corruption worldwide.

We encourage all our stakeholders to read these principles carefully and to use them as a reference when developing anti-corruption strategies and initiatives. At The AACI, we remain committed to promoting corruption prevention, raising anti-corruption awareness, and accountability. The publication of The Ten Principles of Fighting Corruption will help us move closer to creating a world with low and acceptable corruption risks.

The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) typically invites stakeholders to comment on the proposed Standards on Fighting Corruption (SFCs) through its its websites, official blog, and social media. The institute earnestly seeks feedback and opinions during a specified duration of no less than forty-five days.

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